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Jons Locks Makes Magical Santa Keys For Kids

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Company Updates

WARWICK, RI – Jonathan Issa, owner of Jon’s Locks Inc. in Warwick, is hoping to make the holidays more magical for local children this year. Together with his son Zachary, who joined the family business after graduating high school in 2017, they are providing free “magic keys” for kids without chimneys at home.

The idea stems from Jonathan’s own childhood memory. Growing up in an apartment, he once asked his mother how Santa would get inside since they didn’t have a chimney. She gave him an antique skeleton key, telling him to leave it outside on Christmas Eve so Santa could let himself in with his magic.

Decades later, when thinking of ways to lift people’s spirits during the stressful peak of the pandemic in 2020, Jonathan remembered his mother’s inventive solution. He decided to put his key-making skills to use creating hundreds of gold-colored magic keys for local children. Each key comes attached to a poetic note from Santa himself, inviting them to hang it outside their door on Christmas Eve so he can gain entrance.

The initiative was a hit, with about 200 keys picked up in both 2021 and 2022. Jonathan relishes the smiles and wonder he sees on kids’ faces when they come to collect their special keys. For Zachary, it’s a welcome shift from dealing with frustrated locked-out customers. As Jonathan notes, the magic keys also help Santa streamline his deliveries to homes without chimneys.

This holiday season, Jon’s Locks is continuing the new tradition. Children are invited to stop by their Warwick store in the week before Christmas to pick up a magic key compliments of Santa Claus. It’s just one more way the Issas are keeping the magical spirit of the holidays alive.

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