High Security Locks

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When standard security won’t cut it, call Jon’s Locks.

We’re a certified, veteran owned, licensed, and insured locksmith. Your security is our top concern and when your home or business security is on line, we recommend high security locks and restricted keyways for a variety of reasons:

  • Key control
  • Lock rigidity
  • Peace of mind

As a locksmith, we know the pros and cons of just about every lock out there. We can tell you from experience that high security is better.

Why Choose High Security Locks?

Restricted Keyways from Jon's Locks

Restricted Keyways from Jon’s Locks

Traditional locks are easily defeated by picking, bumping, and even drilling. Standard locks, such as from box stores, are not built like they used to be. If your property and family is important, then call to inquire about our restricted keyways and high security locks. We carry the best door hardware and many types of keyways such as US Lock RXO, LT10, and Schlage Everest. These cylinders won’t accept just any key, it has to be a key made by Jon’s Locks. This prevents unauthorized key duplication by contractors, employees, or even former friends.

Our high security lock cylinders can likely fit into your existing decorative hardware or other door hardware. This helps to cut down on cost yet still improves home security.

If your existing lock hardware is Grade 3, otherwise known as low quality, we’ll tell you. It is not worth putting a high security cylinder into a low quality lock. We sell top brand locks such as Schlage, Master, Kwikset, US Lock, BEST, and Arrow. Opting for Grade 1 for a business and Grade 2 for a residence will ensure a certain level of security.

Contact The Professionals

Contact Jon’s Locks when you’re ready to improve security at entry points such as exterior doors. A solid door knob and deadbolt, install correctly, can make a world of difference.

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